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Kitchens & Brands

Explore our showroom featuring a curated selection of premium German kitchens. Immerse yourself in the exquisite craftsmanship of Nolte displays, highlighting signature door styles such as real slate, glass, wood veneers, an extensive palette of coloured lacquers, and distinctive finishes like real cement and oxidized metal. Experience the innovation first-hand with working appliances by Siemens, NEFF, and Bosch. Enhance your kitchen design with high-quality worktops from Corian, Cosentino Dekton, Silestone quartz, and Sensa Granite. Discover the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality at our Lincoln kitchen showroom.

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Experience Nolte, an award-winning manufacturer of high-quality German kitchens with a legacy spanning over 60 years. Renowned for crafting affordable luxury kitchens, Nolte has consistently earned awards as the best German brand, maintaining its position as Germany’s favourite kitchen brand since 2015.

At SOTA Living, we take pride in being Lincolnshire’s premier Nolte showroom, where style and innovation converge. Explore a diverse range of Nolte's meticulously designed kitchens that cater to various tastes, reflecting the brand's ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of style and design.

Nolte NEO

Elevate your Nolte kitchen experience to new heights with the Nolte Neo range – a sophisticated collection designed for those seeking the extraordinary. Immerse yourself in elegance with a diverse selection of doors that redefine exceptional craftsmanship. The Neo range features doors crafted from natural materials such as veneer wood and slate, showcasing a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Explore the sleek design of Neo, where every detail is meticulously considered. With glass LED-lit drawers on the inside and the convenience of push-to-open functionality, the Neo range achieves a seamless and modern look for your kitchen. It's not just a kitchen upgrade; it's a statement of refined taste and attention to detail.

Discover the extraordinary with Nolte Neo – where natural materials meet innovative design to create a kitchen that goes beyond the ordinary.

As advocates of German engineering excellence, we are confident that Nolte's products will surpass your expectations. Visit our showroom today to witness first-hand the quality and sophistication that define Nolte kitchens. Your culinary journey begins with us.


Siemens Studioline

Experience culinary innovation with Siemens StudioLine – a pinnacle in advanced technology and distinctive design. Elevate your cooking with Cook Control Pro, allowing you to select your meal and let the oven master perfection. Siemens StudioLine delivers the epitome of excellence, featuring high-resolution TFT displays, sleek black glass handles, full touch screen controls, WiFi connectivity, voice control, an integrated camera, ergonomic varioclip rails, temperature probe, and self-cleaning functions.

Explore the myriad features of the StudioLine range, where every detail is meticulously crafted. Witness the seamless integration of StudioLine ovens and compact appliances with Nolte German kitchens, offering a harmonious blend either horizontally or vertically. The result? A balanced aesthetic with clean lines, providing a kitchen that's not just stylish but also highly functional.

Curious to see these appliances in action? Check out our video and visit SOTA Living for a hands-on demonstration. StudioLine – where cutting-edge technology meets timeless design.


Transform your kitchen with NEFF, the brand that seamlessly blends style and functionality. NEFF appliances are a perfect marriage of sophistication and tradition, delivering a high standard of both aesthetics and performance. Crafted in Germany, these appliances boast a wide array of cooking and clever features, setting them apart in the world of kitchen innovation.

Renowned for its iconic Slide&Hide function, prominently featured on the Great British Bake Off, NEFF stands out for its intuitive designs and multifunctional capabilities. This household name has earned its reputation for excellence, offering a range of features that go beyond expectations.

Visit our Lincoln showroom to explore first-hand the NEFF displays that showcase the perfect fusion of style and intelligent functionality. Elevate your kitchen with NEFF – where innovation meets timeless design.


A solid trusted brand that caters for all budgets. Ranging from the functional basic series 2 all the way to feature full series 8 with Air Fry, Added Steam, PerfectBake or PerfectRoast to enhance your cooking performance. Some even come installed with a microwave or a pyrolytic self-cleaning function for easy-clean up after mealtimes.  As one of the UK's best known and trusted brands you can rely on  Bosch to cater for all your kitchen appliance needs.

Work surfaces 

Cosentino Dekton

Dekton – a carbon-neutral, ultra-compact product that seamlessly blends pattern and design with exceptional durability. Resistant to heat, water, stains, and abrasion, Dekton allows you to place hot cookware directly from the oven onto its surface. Enjoy worry-free gatherings, leaving the clean-up for the morning, as this remarkable product won't absorb liquids or be adversely affected by chemicals like bleach. Experience the perfect harmony of style and resilience with Dekton.

Cosentino Silestone quartz 

Discover the beauty of Silestone quartz – a surface crafted from a blend of premium and recycled materials, forming a low silica mineral composition. With a diverse selection of deep, rich colour patterns, Silestone quartz provides not only a stunning aesthetic but also the option of a seamless, flush-mounted sink.

Experience the perfect balance of affordability and high-quality work surface with Silestone quartz. Elevate your space with a surface that not only adds a touch of luxury but also stands as a testament to sustainability and meticulous craftsmanship.

Cosentino Sensa Granite & Scalea

Explore Sensa granite and quartzite as well as  Scalea natural stone – exquisite natural products sourced from various corners of the world. Infuse your home with the deep, natural colours of these stones, where each piece is inherently unique. Embrace the beauty of natural materials tailored to your kitchen, ensuring a one-of-a-kind touch.

With a pre-sealed treatment, Cosentino's natural stone products become your ideal kitchen workspace, seamlessly combining the allure of nature with practical functionality. Transform your kitchen into a space that not only captivates visually but also offers a distinctive, personalised touch.

Corian work surfaces

Corian, a favoured choice for both home and commercial spaces, is renowned for its application in bathrooms and kitchens. Offering a hygienic and seamless design, Corian is impervious to stains and water. Its versatile nature allows for shaping to fit the most unique designs, making it a perfect solution for those seeking distinctive aesthetics.

With seamless joints, Corian excels in creating large kitchen worktops and intricate designs. Visit our Lincoln kitchen showroom to explore the full range of options and witness the unmatched quality and design possibilities that Corian brings to your space.


Indulge in the luxury of vinyl tiles (LVT), providing a durable, moisture-resistant flooring solution that seamlessly combines practicality with a wide range of captivating designs. Enhance your kitchen with flooring that not only withstands wear and tear but also offers aesthetic versatility to complement your space perfectly. Enjoy the perfect balance of style and resilience with our luxury vinyl tiles.

Discover the versatility of our large-format tiles, showcasing an extensive array of options in our Lincoln showroom. With solid porcelain tiles, you not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also enjoy the durability and timeless appeal that these tiles bring to both interior and exterior settings. Visit us to witness the perfect blend of style and functionality in our tile collection.

Experience the full natural charm of engineered wood flooring, offering both ease and flexibility in installation. Our tongue and groove planks, available in various sizes, provide a hassle-free solution without the need for gluing, nailing, or fussing over the sub-floor beneath.

Enjoy the warmth of a natural product that seamlessly combines aesthetics with practicality. Our engineered wood flooring not only delivers an authentic look but also grants you the freedom to effortlessly achieve the flooring style you desire. Transform your space with the timeless appeal of wood, simplified for your convenience.